2015 has already seen some pretty nice improvements to OpenWebRTC. We wanted to share what is in the pipeline now and our ideas for the rest of the year. Some of the activities have links to existing GitHub Issues if you want to stay updated on the progress.

OpenWebRTC is still a relatively young project. Our ambition is to create an even more vibrant and open community where our team from Ericsson Research is just one of many contributors. Therefore we will spend a lot of effort helping developers get started with both using, but also contributing to the project.

The list below is not set in stone and largely depends on what you as developers want. If you would like to start working on a new feature, that you intend to include in the OpenWebRTC project, we encourage you to reach out first so that we can avoid potential duplicate efforts: https://github.com/EricssonResearch/openwebrtc/wiki/Community. We welcome all types of contributions (code, bug reports, documentation improvements, ...) and are genuinely excited to see the community grow.

Ongoing activities

Possible future additions

  • Better handling of video rotation
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • VP9 video
  • Simulcast (Jitsi support)
  • WebRTC Statistics API
  • Better support for constraints in JavaScript
  • createOffer compliance
  • Promises in JavaScript
  • Windows support
  • ORTC
  • Recording
  • Audio output device selection API
  • Screen share API
  • Mediacapture Depth API (for 3D video)
  • Capture Media from Media Element
AuthorStefan Ålund