We have now moved to GStreamer's cerbero as the official OpenWebRTC build system.

Centricular Ltd. created an OpenWebRTC fork of cerbero to add the necessary bits and pieces to get OpenWebRTC building using the cerbero build system. We have now moved this fork alongside the other OpenWebRTC repositories on GitHub.

Why does this matter? Well, since the launch, many of you have been having issues getting OpenWebRTC to build. The cerbero build system is more mature in the wild on many different platforms and it spits out nice packages you can use for redistribution. For example, on OS X and iOS it produces frameworks!

It also has other improvements like 64-bit support for iOS, parallelised builds and more goodness that will help us focus more time working on OpenWebRTC.

See the new build instructions for how to get going with the new official build system.

AuthorRobert Swain