A new version 0.2.2 of Bowser was released on the App Store a couple of days ago. Changes:

  • Improvements to audio handling
  • Support for bookmarks
  • H.264 video decoding using HW accelerated VideoToolbox API
  • Updated UserAgent


A simplistic, yet useful, bookmarks manager has been added. It is accessed from the Options menu button in the top right corner. Remove a bookmark by swiping from the right in the list.


H.264 video decoding in hardware

iOS 8 exposes the VideoToolbox API on devices with Apple's A7 and A8 chip (iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later). OpenWebRTC now detects if the current device matches the above criteria and uses the hardware accelerated H.264 decoder provided by the platform instead of OpenH264. Note that only decoding is done in HW at the moment, but we are working on also enabling encoding through the VideoToolbox API.

In a recent blog post on the Ericsson Research blog we demonstrated H.264 interop between Bowser and the latest Firefox browser and also made a short video:

If you haven't already downloaded Bowser you will find it here

AuthorStefan Ålund