So, you have just built OpenWebRTC, what now?

The OpenWebRTC team at Ericsson Research has put together a web application to simplify testing of the OpenWebRTC framework. The web application can be found on  You can use it in Bowser for iOS or in Safari/Firefox by following the instructions here.

To use the web app:

  • Go to the page in two different tabs/browsers
  • Enter the same unique session ID on both pages
  • Enable/disable audio/video as preferred
  • Press Join on both pages
  • Press Initiate Call on one of the pages

Hopefully you will see a working WebRTC call! We are working hard to fix bugs but you are welcome to report them on GitHub.

The web app running in Safari.

The Bowser iOS app has not yet passed Apple review but for now you can build it yourself and install on on your iPhone/iPad if you are an iOS developer.

If you have any questions please ask on our mailing list, here as a comment, or on Twitter.

Happy testing!

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AuthorStefan Ålund