We have received plenty of questions about when Bowser will be available for download on the Apple App Store. We are thrilled that so many are interested in Bowser and today we have some good and, unfortunately also bad news to share.

The first (new) version Bowser was submitted to the App Store the day before we released OpenWebRTC and Bowser as Open Source. It was in review for about 10 days and was finally approved by Apple. Unfortunately we found a critical bug in interop between Bowser and Chrome and Firefox, and we therefore had to reject the app and submit a new binary. That new version was approved by Apple a couple of hours ago.

So, all is good, right? Actually, no. For some yet unknown reason Bowser behaves differently when running in Release mode and we did not test that properly before submitting it. We currently think it fails to inject the WebRTC code in to the UIWebView (see here). 

We are working hard to find the issue and hope to be able to submit a new version to the App Store shortly. We are extremely sorry for the delay. While waiting for the App Store version you can get the code from GitHub and install it on your devices through Xcode.

[UPDATE] We found the issue. During the archive process dead code was stripped because it was only being used from JavaScript which the linker cannot detect. Bowser has now been re-submitted and is waiting for review.

- Stefan Ålund


AuthorStefan Ålund